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With the new laws and regulations in the UAE, the role of accounting and book keeping is becoming extremely crucial for successful businesses as every company in the UAE is required to maintain Commercial books. There are many benefits of having a sound accounting function such as better decision making, accurate budgeting and forecasting, cost optimization, accurate tax filing to avoid penalties by the Federal Tax Authority to name a few.

Having the right personnel for the accounting department is vital. They not only provide accurate information through reports such as statement of financial position ( balance sheet), statement of income and expenditure ( profit & loss) and statement of cash flows, but also provide advice and guidance on the nature and impact of each line item shown in the financial statements.

Many business owners face considerable challenges with regards to managing the accounting department to keep up with the rapid pace of expansion within the organization. Smart Zone Tax & Accounting offers tailored solutions for you. The expertise of our qualified accounting professionals ensure compliance with local regulations, presentation of financial statements in accordance with IFRS, VAT regulations and so on. In addition to providing accurate financial reports on the historic performance and position of the business, we can also assist in key decision making by performing a review of the books, providing forecasts and budgets for the business.

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We implement our services in compliance to the highest international standards to ensure top-notch quality and results. We have successfully managed accounts for various sectors, including retail, logistics, distribution, manufacturing, international trade, and hospitality. With our experience and world-class expertise, clients can expect the best bookkeeping and accounting services in Dubai from us.

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