Product Registration

Product Registration

Product registration services in Dubai refer to the process of legally registering and obtaining the necessary approvals and permits to sell or distribute products in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Dubai, as a major business and trade hub in the region, has specific regulations and requirements for the registration of various types of products.


Product Registration

Here's an overview of the product registration process in Dubai


Determine Product Eligibility


Select the Appropriate Authority


Prepare Required Documentation


Product Testing and Certification


Review and Evaluation


Approval and Registration


Labeling and Packaging


Post-Market Surveillance


Renewal and Compliance

Import & Export Code Registration

Import & Export Code Registration

Import and Export Code registration is a crucial requirement for individuals and businesses involved in international trade activities, specifically importing and exporting goods.

We offer such services to streamline the process and ensure compliance with the relevant government authorities. These services are particularly valuable for companies seeking to establish or expand their international trade operations.

Here’s an overview of what these registration services typically entail:

  • Application Assistance
  • Document Collection and Verification
  • Payment completion
  • Fulfillments of Additional Requirements

We simplify the process, reduce administrative burdens, and ensure that our clients meet all legal requirements for international trade operations.


VARA Registration

Being the first independent virtual asset regulator in the world, VARA (Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority) serves as a transparent and dependable governing body for the developing virtual asset industry. By creating an easy-to-understand framework for company regulation, VARA hopes to expand its mission to the entire world.

By utilizing the expertise of international professionals and organizations, collaborating with required regional financial regulatory authorities, and avoiding risk, VARA helps to assure secure market acceptance and growth.

VARA’s regulatory regime is founded on establishing clear guard rails to foster proactive and responsible market participation. Any firm seeking to carry on Virtual Asset Activities in or from Dubai (excluding DIFC) must apply for a VARA License prior to commencing operations.

Applying for a VARA License is completed in two stages; First, application for initial approval to establish a legal entity and to commence operational setup, then an application for the Virtual Asset Service Provider (VASP) license.

Our Concierge Advisors can assist with the VARA Registration process with detailed information on how to apply as seamlessly as possible.


VARA Registration

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