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Visa & PRO Services

Our wide range of PRO services range from singular visa applications or renewals, to handling PRO & Licensing requirements of corporate bodies. We specialize in facilitating visa and immigration processes, as well as dealing with government authorities and regulatory compliance on behalf of our clients.

Below are some of our key of UAE Visas and PRO Services:


Visa & PRO Services

Types of UAE Visas:

Tourist Visa

This is for individuals visiting the UAE for tourism and typically has a short duration, usually 30 or 90 days.

Employment Visa

Required for expatriates who have a job offer in the UAE. The employer typically handles the application process.

Investor Visa

For individuals who make significant investments in the UAE, such as through the Golden Visa program.

Dependent Visa

Allows the family members of UAE residents or employees to live in the country.

Business Visa

For individuals seeking to establish or invest in businesses in the UAE.

Student Visa

For foreign students studying at UAE educational institutions.

PRO Services:

PRO Services:

  • Document Processing: We assist with document attestations, translations, and other paperwork required for visa applications.
  • Visa Applications: We help individuals and companies prepare and submit visa applications to the relevant government authorities.
  • License Renewals: For businesses, we can assist in the renewal of trade licenses and permits.
  • Labor and Immigration Services: This includes handling work permits, residence visas, and labor contracts.
  • Government Liaison: We maintain relationships with government departments and act as intermediaries to expedite processes and resolve issues.
  • Local Knowledge: We have extensive knowledge of the local rules, regulations, and procedures, which can save individuals and businesses time and effort when navigating the UAE’s bureaucratic processes.

Below are some of our additional services to ease running of your business:

Assistance with Medical Test and Emirates ID Registrations

Notary Assistance

Golden Visas

Trade name approval

VIP Chauffeur services available for our clients

Golden Visas

The UAE Golden Visa is a special long-term residency program introduced by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) government to attract and retain high-net-worth individuals, investors, entrepreneurs, and skilled professionals. This visa offers extended residency periods to eligible foreigners, typically for 5 or 10 years, and can be renewed if the individual meets the program’s criteria.

There are various categories of the UAE Golden Visa, each with its own specific requirements.


Golden Visas


Individuals who make significant investments in real estate, businesses, or other sectors may be eligible for the Golden Visa. The minimum investment amount varies depending on the category and location within the UAE.


Entrepreneurs who establish a business in the UAE can also qualify for the Golden Visa. They need to meet specific criteria related to the type of business and the economic impact it generates.

Skilled Professionals

Highly skilled professionals, such as doctors, engineers, scientists, and artists, can apply for the Golden Visa if they meet certain requirements and contribute to the UAE's growth and development.

Outstanding Students

Exceptional students with outstanding academic achievements may be eligible for the Golden Visa.


Retired individuals with a certain level of income or savings can also apply for the long-term visa.

We collaborate closely with you throughout the entire process to fully grasp your objectives and customize our offerings to suit your specific needs. We will also assist you through the entire application process, making sure all standards are met and your profile is granted acceptance.

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