At Smart Zone, our legal structure allows a local Emirati, to be the 100% shareholder of a Common Law (SPV). We then act as the Managing Director of this entity, retaining Full Power of Attorney (“POA”) to carry out all the management works on behalf of the shareholder.

Along with a share pledge, this structure ensures any entity sponsored by the company has full autonomy with regards to its business. The share pledge also enables Smart Zone to replace the local shareholder, should there be a violation of the agreement at any stage.

A key benefit of the entity is that it falls under the common Law. In lieu of this, the SPV owns 100% a Dubai mainland entity, which then acts as the local sponsor for your company setup. This structure is in place to ensure you maintain full autonomy of your company, are not required to provide profit share to the local sponsor and are fully supported by us. Rest assured, we have all POA’s in place to execute your required tasks without any delays.


Corporate Sponsor – 51%

100% Smart Zone Controlled Sponsor

You (The Investor) – 49%


You (The Investor) – 100%

Local Corporate Service Agent

100% Smart Zone Controlled Sponsor

The most prominent features of this structure:

  100% Control

 Full Banking Rights

 Full Autonomy

 Full Operations Control

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