An e-trader license is suitable for those entrepreneurs who wish to sell products or offer their services online in the UAE without renting an office (no Ejari documentation is required for this license). This license is best suited for home-based individuals or solo entrepreneurs. Only those residing in the UAE (above the age of twenty-one) can apply for this license. There are restrictions over the nationality of expats who are eligible to apply for this license. Expats are also not allowed to get engaged in commercial and professional trading but can offer their professional services (such as make-up artists or modeling photography). Thus, expats cannot sell, manufacture, or trade products with the e-trader license. However, the UAE nationals will even be eligible to open a shop for conducting their business in the area. The Department of Economic Development (DED) first introduced the e-trader license to sell fake commodities on the social media markets. This license can be obtained in any free zone, and the corresponding authorities should grant the license for conducting the intended e-commerce business.

What is an E-Trader License and Its Benefits - Smart Zone

How to apply for an E-trader license

The process of registering the e-trader license is quite fast and straightforward. The following process is specifically for registering this license via the DED website for those residing in Dubai, but it applies to all free zones:

  • the application can be submitted on the DED Trader website, or through our professional services at Smart Zone for a hassle-free and smoother process
  • a registration fee should be paid at the same website after selecting the platforms entrepreneurs would like to sell their products or offer their services at,
  • this registration fee is around AED 1,070 to AED 2,500, and the license should be renewed every year, within a month before the previous license expires.

The whole process should not take more than three to five days. The registration fee should be paid within 24 hours of the payment voucher’s issuance; otherwise, the registration process will be canceled.

Documents required for registering the E-trader license

The required documents for registering the e-trader license are for proving the entrepreneurs’ place of address, age, residency detail, etc. The list of required documents are as follows:

  • must reside in the UAE and must have a valid Emirates ID
  • minimum age of 21 is required for conducting e-commerce in the UAE
  • registering the trade name with the authorities and its approval has to be provided while submitting the application
  • residence documents (Makani number)
  • Dubai Chamber of Commerce membership (mandatory)

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce membership costs AED 300, enabling the applicants to engage in e-commerce activities legally.

Benefits of E-trade license

The e-trader license enables individuals to sell their products and promote their services on social media platforms or personal websites. This license will also give the clients confidence, assuring they are buying commodities or receiving services from a certified business owner. The other benefits of an e-trader license are:

  • bringing legitimacy and authenticity to online trading and e-commerce,
  • home-based business entrepreneurs will have big opportunities to participate in events and exhibitions and showcase their products and commodities,
  • entrepreneurs will be able to sell their products on e-commerce websites such as,
  • entrepreneurs will be able to participate in the e-trader training programs held by the DED,
  • the biggest advantage of this license is that it legally safeguards Intellectual property and trade name.

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