Starting a small business in the UAE can be advantageous and profitable for many reasons:

  • UAE is one of the world-famous business hobs and one of the main business destinations for investors and businessmen globally. The innovative government policies and infrastructures tailored to the needs of small businesses aiming for their growth and policies supporting big corporations’ business have attracted a significant number of entrepreneurs and businessmen globally. The recent law in favor of 100% business ownership by foreign investors is expected to significantly increase these statistics and encourage more foreign entrepreneurs and investors to start their business in the UAE in general. 
  • Many free trade zones in the UAE have provided entrepreneurs the opportunity to choose between the markets and regions that best suit their needs, plus enjoying the low taxation policies. This also attracts a significant number of consumers to free zones as the goods are distributed at lower prices. 
  • Starting a business in the UAE is very easy and has been designed to attract foreign investors and boost the country’s economy. 
  • Minimal and non-existent tax is another strong point of the UAE business policies that have encouraged entrepreneurs worldwide to choose this country for starting and running their business. Only businesses related to oil, banking, and tobacco processing are significantly assessed in taxation. 
  • Because the business and investment policies of the UAE government are mainly based on business license issuance and foreign investments, they have long-term plans benefiting the foreign investors and businessmen, leading to the growth of their businesses. For example, tax-free environments are ideal for emerging, and new businesses mainly focused on boosting the country’s economy in the long-run.


Top Business Activities to Register in the UAE this 2021 - Smart Zone

In line with the above policies, here are the top 20 business opportunities in the UAE guaranteeing investors quick returns and long-term profit:

  1. Construction: Many buildings and structures are erected every year in the UAE; thus, businesses related to construction, be it construction companies hiring engineers and professionals in the construction industry or companies involved in manufacturing and selling raw materials, are quite lucrative in the UAE.
  2. Oil and gas: Although old and firmly established, this sector has still has enough space for new investors. Coined as one of the richest industries in the UAE, entrepreneurs can still start their business from scratch in this sector or partner with the already existing businesses.
  3. Financial services: Like many businesses of all kinds are running in the UAE, there is a huge demand for consulting and financial services all the time. Accountants, auditors, bookkeepers, and other professionals who can offer such services can make a huge profit by offering financial services to companies.
  4. Food E-commerce: The food industry is thriving everywhere globally, and the UAE is not an exception to this trend.
  5. Healthcare: In the past few years, there has been a growing demand for healthcare providers in the UAE as its population is growing. Starting private healthcare sectors thus can be profitable for professionals in this field.
  6. Security: With big businesses thriving in the UAE, there is an increasing demand for security guards and devices. Thus companies offering these services are in demand at the moment in the UAE.
  7. Transport: Companies providing transportation services such as taxi services have proved to make a huge profit in the UAE in recent years.
  8. Environmental protection services: Excessive construction and manufacturing have resulted in growing demand and big opportunities for environmental protection services such as waste recycling.
  9. Tourism: With a strong tourism industry, there are many business opportunities in the UAE related to the tourism industry, from providing rentals to tourist guides and agencies.
  10. Energy: Maintaining energy generation facilities and energy facility maintenance are currently among the most wanted services in the UAE energy sector.
  11. Trading: Trading is one of the richest sectors in the UAE from which many other businesses stem, and still has plenty of room for accommodating new entrepreneurs in this sector.
  12. Business franchises: Unlike the other business opportunities in the UAE, Business franchising is rather new. Thus, there are still many unexplored areas and opportunities related to this business in the UAE.
  13. Travel agency: Plus tourism, because the UAE has a strategic geographical stance that connects Europe to Asia, many businessmen use this country frequently for their business travels.
  14. Jewelry making and retailing: UAE is a world-famous destination for industries related to jewelry, and thus there are many business opportunities in this sector.
  15. Specialty Schools and childcare services: Due to the huge population of expatriates in the working class, there is an ever-growing demand for schools and childcare facilities offering all sorts of services currently in the UAE.

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