Are you interested in establishing a business presence in Dubai? With its booming economy and world-class infrastructure, it is no surprise that Dubai has become an attractive destination for entrepreneurs across the globe. Boasting a 25% surge in new business licenses, Dubai experienced rapid annual growth with 45,653 issued during just the first half of 2022 – proving strong business sentiment and confidence in the Emirate. But, while setting up a business in Dubai may seem straightforward at face value, there is much to be aware of when considering such an endeavor.

This blog post will provide valuable advice on the do’s and don’ts of starting a business in Dubai. So read on for insider knowledge so you can focus your energy where it matters most – growing your enterprise.

Do: Familiarize Yourself With Local Business Law and Customs

In Dubai, there are stringent rules for foreign companies that want to operate in the region. To begin with, you must understand the local business laws and regulations – such as those related to tax liability, labor laws, visa requirements, and more – which differ from other countries. Additionally, it is essential to be familiar with customary business practices in the Middle East to communicate effectively and cooperate efficiently with partners.

Don’t: Neglect Connections & Networking Opportunities

Dubai is a highly competitive market that is strongly connected through networks of people and businesses. Therefore, when starting a business in Dubai, it’s essential to get associated with the right people and tap into networking opportunities, such as networking events and business forums. Doing so will help you build a robust support system of legal, financial, and other experts to assist in starting your business.

Do: Utilize Free Economic Zones & Government Programs

The government of Dubai offers attractive incentives for foreign businesses looking to invest in the region. These include free economic zones which offer tax exemptions and access to world-class infrastructure and other benefits. Additionally, programs from the Dubai Investment Development Agency (DIDA) provide valuable resources for entrepreneurs seeking to establish their businesses in Dubai.

Don’t: Overlook Local Talent

When you are ready to start recruiting, make sure you hire local talent. Doing so will not only help you meet the requirements of the government but also provide access to a highly-skilled and motivated workforce that is familiar with the culture and social norms in Dubai.

Do: Research & Develop Your Business Plan

Before investing anything into setting up a business in Dubai, it is important to do your homework. Research the local market and competition, consider the financial implications of doing business there and develop a comprehensive business plan that takes into account all these factors. Doing so will help you make an informed decision when choosing how best to move forward with establishing your presence in Dubai.

By understanding these do’s and don’ts of establishing a business in Dubai, you can be confident that your venture will get off on the right foot. Remember that it takes patience, persistence, and an understanding of local laws to successfully establish a business presence in Dubai – but if done correctly, its rewards can be great!

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