The UAE has built a solid reputation for being migrant-friendly, with nearly 89% of its population made up of expatriates. The dependent visa in UAE permits the spouses and children of expats living and working in Dubai or any other Emirates to join them.

What is a UAE Dependent Visa?

If you have a family member living and working in the UAE, the UAE dependent visa enables you to travel and stay with them.

Types of dependent visas in UAE

The type of UAE dependent visa an individual gets is based on the relationship between that person and their sponsor.

Below are the types of UAE dependent visa sponsorships based on the familial relationship between the sponsor and the dependent.

  • Husband sponsoring wife and children
  • Wife sponsoring family
  • Parents of the sponsor

Who is eligible for a dependent visa sponsorship in UAE?

The spouse and children of any individual working in Dubai or any other Emirate can apply for a UAE dependent visa.

They can be:

  • Spouse
  • Sons under 25 years of age
  • Unmarried daughters
  • Parents

It is also possible for expatriates with a residence permit and work permit in the UAE to sponsor domestic helpers.

Those seeking to apply for the UAE dependent visa as a family must adhere to the specific conditions set by the UAE Immigration Department.

Documents required to apply for UAE dependent visa sponsorship
The following documents are required for a UAE dependent visa application:

  • A duly filled application form
  • Photographs of family members who are applying
  • Passport copies of the family members
  • Marriage certificate, if sponsoring a wife
  • Birth certificate for a child
  • Registered tenancy contract
  • Copy of the husband’s/wife’s employment contract
  • Medical tests clearance certificate
  • Salary certificate issued by the employer

Salary requirements

Employed male residents in the UAE can sponsor their immediate family members if they meet the minimum salary requirements. These requirements are AED 4,000 minimum plus accommodation. A wife must earn at least AED 3,500 AED 4,000 plus accommodation costs to sponsor her husband and children.

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