When COVID-19 has taken away many business opportunities, there are plenty of enterprises and business activities that are more likely to thrive due to the current situation and the post-COVID era. These businesses, of course, should be adaptable and flexible, embracing digital and virtual technologies. Here are the best such business ideas for 2021:

  1. Online teaching and virtual learning: offering virtual support to learners of all levels have already proved to be a lucrative business and will definitely affect the future of training and learning. The UAE was among the first countries that adopted the distant learning policy. With students currently being adapted to e-learning, those with skills to offer e-training shall make a huge profit in their field of expertise.
  2. Online consultancy and business support: Business worldwide has also become mostly online and has switched to various virtual environments. Thus, most of the business owners and their employees are working remotely in the UAE. In this period, many entrepreneurs have realized that the traditional office-based approach is not the only solution and necessary for running a business, and remote working can be equally profitable. This trend shall change the business models in the future, and knowledgeable consultants can count on this newfound trust in virtual support by offering online services and consultations, which will extend to the post-COVID era.
  3. Cleaning services as a long term opportunity: with so many hotels and offices and buildings in the UAE, the safety measures have urged all public places to ensure their customers of the safety of their public environments. Thus cleaning services and companies have witnessed a surge in profit in the COVID-19 era in the UAE. And this rise in commercial-grade cleaning is will undoubtedly last for a long period as the only way for restaurants, cafes, and public places are to maintain their cleanliness cautiously and constantly.
  4. App development: with many industries facing ups and downs due to the COVID-19 emergency, the app industry has experienced nothing but growth, and not only is it thriving, but rather, it is rapidly accelerating like never before. The UAE residents are now carrying out all sorts of transactions through apps, from ordering food and grocery goods to receiving mental health support and remote working. Due to the rapid and increasing app development requests, lately, low code app development has been highly demanding. These apps that need the minimum knowledge of programming have been welcomed in the community and seem to thrive further in the future.
  5. Repairs: driven largely by environmental concerns, repair services have been booming in recent years. With the emergence of COVID-19, these services have even witnessed further growth due to safety measures and lockdown necessities. Auto repair services have proved to be lucrative as the fuel prices are decreasing, and car sales are decreasing.


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