Once you have identified where you want to conduct your business in the UAE, the next step is to register your company. If you have chosen to register your business under Dubai DED, here are some of your license category options:

  • Commercial License
  • Professional License
  • Agricultural License
  • Industrial License
  • Tourism
  • Craftsmanship

But first, you must be familiarized with the policies and procedures set by the Dubai DED. There are over two thousand business activities you choose from and included in your Trade License. Find out more about your license options based on the above categories.

Dubai DED License Options for Entrepreneurs - Smart Zone

Commercial License

Commercial licenses are issued by the Dubai DED to businesses into commercial trading activities or are providing services such as general trading, real estate, healthcare, transportation, contracting, and the likes. This is the most common type of business entity with foreign ownership in Dubai. Under this license, 51% of the company shares are owned by a Local Sponsor, a UAE national, and 49% of it by the foreign investor.

Professional License

If your business provides non-physical services such as consultancy, a Professional license is issued to you. This type of license can be given to individuals or companies whose services depend on the individual’s skills or expertise (s). In other words, their intellectual, academic achievements and abilities are the basis for providing professional services. Some of the common professional services are consultancies, auditors, accountancy, lawyers, and more. Holders of professional licenses can be 100% foreign-owned; however, it is still necessary to appoint a Local Service Agent or a Local Sponsor when registering a company.


Dubai DED License Options for Entrepreneurs - Smart Zone

Industrial License

This type of license is issued to businesses that are into manufacturing or industrial activities. Such activities include transforming natural materials or resources into finished products for profit. Under an Industrial license, 51% of the company shares are owned by a UAE national or a Local Sponsor/Partner, and the foreign or expatriate investor owns 49% of it.

Agricultural License

Agricultural licenses are issued to businesses that are engaged in growing crops, livestock farms and fisheries.

Tourism License

Tourism licenses are issued to businesses that specialize in tourist activities. Such activities are travel agencies, restaurants, boat rentals, tourism hotels and resorts and the likes.

If you plan to start a company in Dubai, Smart Zone Business Setup Advisors can assist and guide you in choosing the right license option for your business. Schedule a consultation today.