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Audit, Accounting

Audit, Accounting & Book-Keeping

Accounting and auditing are both essential business functions, while distinctly different concepts, can interrelate at times. Small business owners must set up an accounting system before they open their doors to manage and record financial data, but auditing is generally reserved for larger or more established businesses. Understanding the definitions of accounting and auditing for your business, as well as the correlation between the two, is vital.

We have the best accountants in UAE who can provide full time or part time accounting and book keeping services on daily, weekly or monthly basis as per your business need along with the monthly accounts updation.

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VAT Consultancy

Value Added Tax (or VAT) is an indirect tax, also referred as a type of general consumption tax, imposed on most supplies of goods and services that are bought and sold.

VAT is one of the most common types of consumption tax found around the world. Over 150 countries have implemented VAT (or its equivalent, Goods and Services Tax).

VAT is charged at each step of the ‘supply chain’. Ultimate consumers generally bear the VAT cost while businesses collect and account for the tax, in a way acting as a tax collector on behalf of the government.

Our team of experts will help you implement tax-planning strategies in a measured and balanced way, ensuring they minimize their overall tax liability. Our approach to managing our clients’ tax issues, both strategic and routine, is proactive and assertive.

Bank Account

Bank Account Opening Assistance

Opening a bank account in Dubai is very easy, although requirements vary from bank to bank. To open a current/checking account, you have to be a resident.

However, some banks allow non-UAE residents to open saving accounts. We help you to connect with some of the best financial providers in the UAE.

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Virtual Offices

With our virtual address and a phone number you get a prestigious Dubai physical location to share with your business clients. Feeling confident each time you hand out a business card with our address shows professionalism.

When business calls for flexible work hours, virtual offices create an opportunity for people to work whenever they like from wherever they are. Virtual offices allow for no commute time, low to no technology costs and lower overhead costs (with no lease to pay), and increases productivity.


Digital Branding

What your client says about your business is very important. With digital marketing, the very first time a person visits your website, email newsletter, LinkedIn profile or Facebook page, your company cannot be a fence to a possible client. Your brand is all you have. You can pay out all your time and wealth working Google to send more people to your website, or organizing email campaigns to end market – but if what they visit you online and which gives them no confidence in your company or professionalism, you are just wasting your time and money.

We know the importance of your brand and help you build a digital brand that can scale, adapt, and pivot with your company.

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Serviced Offices

Serviced Offices

A serviced office is an office or office building that is fully equipped and managed by a facility management company, which then rents individual offices or floors to other companies. A serviced office broker will commonly help business center owners and facility management companies to rent serviced office space.

Serviced offices are increasingly perceived as a mainstream occupancy option that can be considered by companies of all sizes and natures, the serviced office industry has become a rapidly growing segment within commercial office space.

We have several serviced offices in prime locations of Dubai which suits your business requirement.

Will &

Will & Trust Management

If you do not have a will, the UAE Law of Inheritance will be applied on your assets after your demise; and can even affect the guardianship of your children if they are in the minor age group. As a non-Muslim expat in the UAE, you may already have a will made in your home country for your assets there. But your home-country laws of inheritance may not apply to your movable and/or immovable assets in the UAE, unless you have a registered will recognized as per UAE law.

As for business interests, such as share ownership, in the event of a shareholder or director’s death, Sharia law would again apply and his/her shares do not pass automatically by survivorship. Therefore your business interests can end up in the hands of family members you did not wish to have a stake in your business. This would apply to both mainland and free-zone companies.

Our expert lawyer associates can help you understand your rights, options and obligations regarding drafting and managing wills.

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PRO & Visa Services

Our wide range of PRO services range from singular visa applications or renewals to handling PRO & Licensing requirements of corporate bodies. Your every PRO requirement is handled expertly to save you time and money. Below are some of our services to help ease running of your business:

  • Assistance with Medical Test and Emirates ID Registrations
  • Notary assistance
  • Clearing from all Government departments
  • UAE residency visa for investors, families & employees
  • Registration, renewal and amendment of a Trade License
  • Trade name approval
  • Labor and immigration card application & renewal