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Everything You Need to Know about Freelance License and its Benefits

freelance license

Freelancing has become popular in the UAE, especially among young entrepreneurs, due to the numerous flexible working options. Working as a freelancer in the UAE requires a residence visa and a freelance license or work permit issued by the government. 

As the term suggests, a freelance license will provide you with a legal license that can be renewed every year. This permit allows you to i) work as a freelancer or independent contractor in the UAE, and ii) work as an individual and on your name, not as an independent business or startup. Many freelancers have started their own businesses after being established in the UAE. 


shams business setup freelancer license


Shams Free Zone Freelance License

There are many business activities available to freelancers, whether you are setting up in a Free Zone or Mainland. You can apply for the Shams Free Zone Freelance License if you have media, education, or tech/IT related business activities. These sectors cover the following professions and professionals:

  • Any professions related to mass media from screenwriters, actors, make-up artists to technicians working for radio, TV, and movie industries of any kind
  • Journalists, editors, photographers, and all activists related to news and media 
  • Analysts, Marketers, and sales managers/businessmen         
  • Any activities related to branding and advertisement 
  • Those who offer customer and legal services
  • Trainers, education advisors, and educators (engaged with e-learning) 
  • Designers, graphic designers, computer designers, mobile app developers, and web developers 
  • Copywriters and bloggers
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) experts
  •  Translators and interpreters 


Benefits of having a Shams Free Zone Freelance License 

  1. Flexibility in terms of working hours and working places: With the UAE Freelance License, you can legally work for various companies and sectors based in the UAE as an independent contractor. You can shift from the usual 9-5 working hours to a flexible working hour that supports the life-work balance.  
  2. Affordability: The license and visa costs are relatively low and allow you to offer your services at reasonable or low costs. The other advantage of this license is that it does not require you to register an office space, which will significantly lower the operational costs.
  3. Building your own business: You will have your own brand and business and become completely independent. This would be beneficial for starting your future business and developing management skills. The government supports freelancing, and thus you will become familiar with government-issued regulations. 
  4. Legal support: As mentioned above, since the government issues the freelance license, you will have legal authorization over your activities, which will strengthen your job identity and make it credible.
  5. Familiarizing with the market: Many people in business would like to know about the market environment and its regulations. Freelancing is a unique opportunity for businessmen who would like to test the market before setting up their businesses in the area.     


If you are setting up as a freelancer and planning to have an e-commerce business, consultancy, or any business related to media activities, you can now get a free zone license and provide services legally in the UAE for just AED 5,750 with Smart Zone, Business Setup Experts in Dubai. This offer is valid until 30th November only. Call +97155 2330077 for more details today.

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